If you:

  • Have already decided you desire massive personal and professional growth

  • Are prepared to give yourself permission to dream about the potent portal that 2020 promises to be

  • Feel ready to step up into the highest vision of yourself

    Read on…

Mindset and Messaging mentor, Suzy Ashworth, and The World’s first and only Comparison Coach, Lucy Sheridan are teaming up to bring you a never before seen retreat experience in Tulum Mexico in November 2019.

It’s called Connect. Create. Captivate and you’re invited.

Using our combined experience of over a decade supporting women to create new realities in their personal lives and abundantly successful careers in their professional ones, we are collaborating in a way that neither of us have before, to provide one of the most enriching, potent experiences our industry has seen, or will ever see.

You give us 6 days in Mexico to immerse yourself in our magically curated experience, and we’ll transform your life and career forever.







Ultimately, we promise to catapult our retreat participants into perfect alignment and become magnetic to their dreams. Y’know, just casual.

The content we will cover includes, but is not limited to:

  • How to see, touch and live the next level of your life that is calling you

  • Deeply connecting meditation and visualising practices

  • Comparison Crushing: The keys to unflappable self-focus, self-confidence and self-worth in your personal and professional life

  • Integration and processing time - so you can return home restored, reinvigorated and ready for your next level

  • In-depth life design and achieving your authentic goals

  • An opening and closing ceremony to magnetise and seal our collective intentions

  • A Full Moon ritual in one of the most spiritually potent places on earth, Tulum (on Day 2 of our retreat)

  • All access, no holds barred, intimate, confidential Q&A time with us

  • Expansion activation - increasing your capacity for your own success and fulfilment including the essential energetics that must be in place

  • The art of receiving - removing the blocks and self-sabotaging patterns, thoughts and behaviours so you retain your version of success

  • Leadership in your life - waking your sleeping giant of greatness that resides within you

  • Quantum healing and upgrade sessions to remove unsupportive beliefs and mindsets on a cellular DNA level

  • How to get ‘it’ and keep ‘it’ - say goodbye to boom/bust patterns and say hello to sustainable growth in all ways

  • Manifesting mastery - tapping into the potent vortex of magnetism, unique to Tulum. Call it in. Call it all in.

  • Staying strong for the long game - powerful strategies that will serve you to go all the way


An invitation like no other.

An unmissable opportunity…

Who is this retreat for?: We are making space for a small group who want to say YES to the life and career they are dreaming of. This special retreat in Tulum, Mexico is for you if…

  • Want to focus on and nurture your spiritual and personal growth. If you need to fill up your soul tank, you simply must be there with us.

  • You know now is the time to take those dreams, ideas and visions out of your head and activate them now. No more excuse. No more games.

  • You want to step into 2020 feeling more ready and prepared to elevate your impact - you know this year has the potential to be a portal of opportunity for you.

  • You need some nourishing ‘me time’ with people that ‘get you’, that you can relax with and know you don’t need to filter yourself or hold yourself back in any way.

  • Working with one of us is on your vision board. This is the sign you’ve been waiting for (at significantly lower investment than our current private fees.)

  • You know that your environment is everything and being able to pick the brains of not just the both of us, but your retreat attendees, will upgrade your thinking and being just because you showed up.

  • You understand the benefits of taking time out of your normal environment to spark your creative juices. (There’s a reason why every successful business person of note considers retreat investment a non-negotiable.)

Meet your retreat hosts…

We know our shit and have the evidence and track records to prove it. We are here for the long game and building our own versions of strong, sustained success. If this is your intention too then you could not be in safer hands - we are your people and we have got your back.

LucySheridan_BethCrockatt_For Edit_ (4 of 39).jpg

Ey’up, I’m Lucy…

…the World’s first and only Comparison Coach and I specialise in helping people build their self-focus, self-confidence and self-worth so they can thrive personally and/or in their business. Signed to Team Gleam and noted as one of the UK’s most successful coaches by The Times, I’m on a mission to cure comparison.

When I’m not coaching or speaking at events, I split my time between London and The Peak District, living the life I thought I would have to wait until my fifties to live, doing it now.

Hello, I’m Suzy…

…I’m a mum of three, TEDx Speaker, author, international retreat host and a mindset and messaging mentor for women in business. I specialise in helping my clients create magnetic messaging that builds micro-tribes of raving fans that want to buy again and again.

When I’m not mumming or behind my desk, I’m travelling, both for myself and with clients. I love creating out of this world experiences for the women who come on retreat with me, not just through the environment but through the inner work that facilitates massive outer results. This is my ZONE and I love it

About Tulum:

It is believed that millions of years ago an astroid struck Earth in the region of the Yucatan Peninsula - now known as Tulum. Most significant about this was the incredible amount of energy it produced in such a small area of the planet which many people believe still lives in Tulum and creates the magical aura around the region. Beyond the beach, Tulum is an archaeological and geographical wonderland that lie waiting for us to explore

These are our three keys to success and fulfilment, that form the backbone of our retreat experience…


Connect - in a world where we are more ‘on’ than ever, the disconnect between who we really are and who we feel free to present to the world is vast. During our 6 days together you will be given the space, time, resources and coaching to reconnect with yourself and the person you want to become to take your dreams and desires to the next level of creation and manifestation.

Create - for women with an entrepreneurial spirit, who are looking to cut through the noise and be seen and heard, the one thing that we all need to take time to cultivate is our creativity. After a year of doing the work, taking time out to reflect, renewing and getting re-inspired is always easier to do in a 5* environment that is designed to inspire. Stir the senses. Stay sharp. Manifest magic with us!

Captivate - We believe that community is everything and whether you are focused on building a micro-tribe of super fans ready and willing to buy again and again, or want to know how to step into your influencer status with mainstream reach, we will be covering it all. We learnt the rules so we could break them and will be sharing all our insights with you.



Over our time together on this retreat we will be covering a broad and deep range of content to arrive YOU at YOUR own formula to Connect. Create and Captivate…


OK. Let’s do this. It’s time to say YES to Connect. Create. Captivate!


…And wait there’s more: If you sign up before the 14th February 2019 you will qualify for a place on our pre-retreat mastermind.

What’s this?

A four month mentoring program with us that will see you knee skid into the retreat activities which will provide the strongest possible foundation to our time together in Tulum and the portal that is the year 2020.

Onto the investment details…

For a sharing room accommodation guest the investment is £3500+VAT


Contact us to discuss a bespoke payment plan that works for you

For a single room accommodation guest the investment is £5000+VAT


Contact us to discuss a bespoke payment plan that works for you

Other things it is useful for you to know…

  • Places are strictly limited and we are looking to welcome no more than 20 retreat guests

  • Travel costs are excluded from the cost above, and yet, there are bargains to be had in the time ahead so further savings are available to you. (A cursory search is showing return flights from the UK to Mexico for c.£400 for our November dates.)

  • Both single and dual occupancy accommodation will be available for you to choose - please see above

  • OK, we think that’s it and we have covered everything! It’s over to you…

In summary, here’s what you can expect to gain and achieve if you join us:

  • Life enhancing personal growth that will help you identify WHO you need to be to accelerate the speed at which you achieve your goals in your personal and professional life.

  • You will walk away with a practical game plan that you can take immediate action on.

  • Premium coaching that is not accessible in any other way at present.

  • An insight into the local traditions from hand picked locals to guide us on our journey.

  • Daily yoga and/or movement practice (to be taken at the pace you choose.)

  • 5* food and catering.

  • Unbreakable bonds and, new, authentic relationships with like-minded ambitious women who you will be able to lean on long after the retreat is over.

  • Opening and closing ceremonies to cement our learnings and experiences.

  • Luxury accommodation.

  • Time to reflect and integrate.

And here’s an idea of a day in the life on our retreat in Tulum…

7am – 8.30am Yoga   

9am – 10:00am Breakfast   

10:30am  – 1:30pm  Morning workshop(s)

1:45pm  – 2:45pm  Lunch   

3pm – 5:00pm Chill out/integration time   

5:00 – 7:30pm Group mastermind session   

7:45pm Three course evening meal 

We can’t wait to welcome you,

Love Suzy and Lucy xo